The most practical educational software for car electrics and injectors, ISO repair training, ramp tuning and wiring diagrams.

Negaramoz software is the most specialized software for training ISO repairs, ramps and tuning

The most practical educational software for electrics and car injectors

Step by step training of basic electronics concepts

If you have forgotten the basic concepts of electronics, which are the basis of your work, or if you do not know the function and application of electronic components such as transistors, ICs, diodes, etc., Negar Amouz will solve this problem for you.

In the basic electronics part of the software, electronic parts are taught completely and in simple language along with their tree diagram

Also, in this section, one of the most basic electronics skills, i.e. how to read datasheets, is taught.

Issu repair training with Negar Amouz

In the ISIO repair department, all types of internally updated ISIOs will be diagnosed and repaired.

Very high quality and zoomable images
Describing the path between ISIO parts and investigating the relationship between them
A guide to testing different ICs
ISU troubleshooting guide with a multimeter as well as a vehicle tester
Contains the most recent electrical diagrams of domestic cars along with their complete pin-out tables
Including the data sheet of all the ICs used in the IC

Ramp and tuning training with Negar Amouz

Step-by-step training of basic car ramp concepts
Introducing different RAMP tools and methods of doing it
Teaching the principles of operation of internal combustion engines
The training of the related softwares of RAMP
Introducing the main ISO tables for RAMP and their analysis
Teaching quantification in tables

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