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The Story of Negar Khodro Company

Negar Khodro Technical and Engineering Company, a member of the business association of the Ministry of Industries in Mazandaran province, with a decade of experience in designing microelectronics, mechatronics, robotics systems, designing electronic equipment for new cars, has a technical and engineering staff with a brilliant record in scientific Olympiads and patents in the field of electronic design.Negar Khodro continues to operate in Mazandaran province. This technical and engineering complex with registration number 5404 since 2004 in order to provide technical and engineering services in the field of electronics and mechanics, with an expert and efficient staff of technical experts from Iran Khodro and Saipa, presents the result of its many years of effort to the experts in this field .

In the first step, this company started teaching multiplex systems in the field of advanced cars and vehicle control unit (ECU) repairs. Also, in 2018, due to the market potential in the automobile industry, as well as the shortages and lack of specialized equipment in the field of vehicle repairs, It has designed and produced ECU tester, ISO smart programmer, OBDTools portable diagnostic and car injector industrial cleaner.

mission statement

The mission of Negar Khodro is to manage and plan, research and design and develop, produce and provide electronic and informatics services with the highest quality and easiest to use in the electronic equipment industry of domestic and foreign cars and other commercial and military industries of our beloved Iran. For this purpose, we try to be able to respond to the requests of customers and the market in the best way by identifying and understanding the needs of customers, using elite and efficient human capital, using modern technologies, using the best global technology and providing new solutions. And let's take a step towards customer satisfaction, which is the only way to achieve the company's goals.

Organizational values of Nagar Khodro

  • We act with integrity
  • We do not want to satisfy our customers
  • The interests of the organization are a priority for us
  • We accept responsibility for our mistakes
  • We are creative and innovative
  • The well-being of our colleagues is important to us
  • We are learners and teachers

Negar Khodro company strategies

  • Focus on production and product development
  • Providing comprehensive, specialized and unique services on the company's key products
  • Stabilizing the company's brand through extensive advertising, attending national and international exhibitions and providing optimal services
  • Orientation towards establishing an electronic and informatics business in commercial and military industries
  • Development of knowledge and skills of repairmen

Negar Khodro company goals

  • Providing customer satisfaction based on product quality
  • Ensuring the satisfaction of the company's human capital
  • Product line development
  • Increasing the utilization rate of the company's existing capacities in long-term priorities
  • Efforts to penetrate the international markets and improve the export level of products
  • Keeping the design and manufacturing technology of products up to date

The Honors of the Negar Khodro company

  • Selected as one of the top 100 brands in Iran
  • Selected as the preferred company in respect of consumer rights for two consecutive years
  • Selected as the best provincial cooperative company in three consecutive years
  • Chosen as the best national cooperative company in 2019
  • Selected as the best research and development unit for two consecutive years
  • Obtaining an integrated management system certificate
  • Obtaining customer complaint management system certification
  • Patents in the name of the company for most of the products in production


Holding various events

  • Holding various educational conferences
  • Participation in all international and domestic exhibitions related to the field of automotive equipment
  • Holding various training courses across the country
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Contact us

  • Tehran Office: Unit 8, 3rd Floor,No. 33, upper floor of Bank Eghtesad Novin, next to Tohid Metro,Tohid St, Tehran, Iran
  • Factory and head office: Babol, 7 km of the new Babol-Amol road
  • +981135910000, +982167218000
  • info@negarkhodro.com

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