Reduce fuel consumption

Reduce fuel consumption

Introducing the fuel consumption reduction package for XU7 engine or regular engine

The fuel consumption reduction software is suitable for which engines?
XU7 engines or normal engines have the highest fuel consumption among other engines

For which issues is the consumption reduction software suitable?
All ECU on the XU7 engine are capable of performing this tuning.

ECM include:


What cars can this product be used on?
Any car with an XU7 engine. Like Samand, Pars, 405 and...

To what extent does the fuel consumption reduction software improve fuel consumption?
Consumption reduction occurs up to 16%. In urban and traffic mode, the consumption decreases up to 16%, and in intercity mode, at least 5%. That is, the more the car is in traffic, the stronger this consumption reduction works.

That is, if your urban consumption is 12 liters per hundred kilometers, this number will be something close to 10 liters after applying the tuning, which is fantastic. (Here it is possible to calculate for the customer if, for example, 200 Tomans are tuned for the customer's car, this 200 Tomans will be compensated for the cost of reducing consumption in one or two months, and from then on, it will be a profit)

How does fuel economy work?
Various ECUs in the XU7 engine to control the engine speed with dirty or weak throttle and stepper and also to increase the engine response to the throttle, it moves the engine ignition timing away from the efficient range and reserves some engine torque by ignition timing. to use it when needed for sudden accelerations and some other applications. In this way, in XU7 engines, some engine fuel consumption is always lost for this case. In this tuning, we worked to make the XU7 engine work in the high efficiency range so that it has the previous efficiency with less fuel.

What is the difference between this product and other similar products?
Tunings that have been claimed to reduce fuel consumption have focused on reducing the injection time in the engine's open-loop controller and increasing the lambda value in the engine's closed-loop controller.

But these works have no effect on fuel consumption. Because:

1- As the output value of the open loop controller decreases, the closed loop controller corrects the injection amount with the help of the oxygen sensor data and we still see the same amount of fuel injection. That is, Isio himself prevents this case.

2- By increasing lambda to a value of only 0.05, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption, which is very small and practically does not reduce fuel consumption.

3- In the previous case, because the engine lambda sensors can only work in a narrow band around lambda 1, therefore, it is impossible to implement this algorithm.

4- It may be said that the reduction in consumption that we have done so far has caused the output of CO to be lower and therefore the reduction in consumption has occurred. In response, we must say that this notion is wrong. CO reduction has nothing to do with fuel consumption reduction. Because by changing the fuel maps, you actually reduce the efficiency of the engine, and therefore more fuel must be consumed to travel the same distance.

5- In the method we presented, the engine will work in its most efficient range and therefore, it will cover more distance with less fuel.

How can the customer see the reduction in consumption using Diag?
First, before applying consumption reduction on the ECU, the customer turns on the car engine so that the radiator fan turns on once and after the fan turns off, the manifold pressure value (the amount of air entering the engine) and the injection time (the amount of fuel) (sprayed into the engine) to note down. After reducing consumption, repeat this process again. The customer will see a significant decrease in both parameters after applying the consumption reduction, which is a sign of a reduction in fuel consumption.

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