Decode Hyundai and Kia cars through OBD

This software automatically reads the ECU dump and after performing the decoding operation, it programs the ECU or downloads it as it is called.

Supported ECU:


All Hyundai Kia vehicles from 2007 to 2016 that have these ECUs on them.

Decoding Chinese cars via OBD

Automatically, it decodes the dumps with specific calibrations and the customer can apply the changes to the car according to the new calibration.

Supported ECU:

Types of bush ME7, ME7.9.7, ME7.8.8, M7.8


Brilliance AMT / Brilliance AT / Brilliance MT / JAC J5 / Haima S7 / MVM 315 / MVM X33 new / Ario -AT

/ Ario-MT / Ario Z300 / Geely -MT / Volex-C30 / Sabrina -E150 / H30 Cross / MVM X33 / MVM 530 / MVM 550/ LIFAN_X60/ LIFAN_620/

Decoding the ECU of Renault cars through OBD

It automatically reads the program inside the ISO, decodes it and programs it again inside the ISO. It encodes exactly the same program that is inside the car ISO

ECUs and related cars:

Continental EMS3132 / Siemens EMS3134

L90 and Sandro cars, gasoline and automatic and dual

If the ECU dump is lost for any reason, it can be recovered through the history of the software.

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