Radar device

Radar device

The radar device helps you to quickly identify the exact location of the wire break or the wire connection. Using this device, you can find the location of breaks or breaks in the wires, trace the wires to see where they lead and...

Vehicle radar device

for the first time in Iran

A new revolution in tracing the location of a wire break

♦ A professional tool for battery manufacturers and car electrical and wiring operators

♦ Significant increase in speed and accuracy in troubleshooting car wiring and electrical systems

♦ Two years warranty

♦ Ability to trace the wire in the car

♦ Find the exact location of the wire without having to strip the wire

♦ Checking the communication of any sensor and operator to the ISO without wasting time

♦ Diagnosing wiring harnesses in remote areas

♦ Fast tracking and checking the connection of long wires in the car

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